SEMMI as a Service

SEMMI as a Service
Integrate SEMMI into your customer service to engage your customers and relieve your service staff.

Select from various conversational user interfaces for your customers.

We build your unique, brand compliant and intelligent virtual assistants and operate them with SEMMI as a Service as digital avatars, humanoid robots or as a phone assistant within your contact center platform. SEMMI AI is also capable of operating other conversational user interfaces via the accessible SEMMI API.

Get in touch with us and learn what it's like to operate SEMMI as a Service.

SEMMI Avatar

The smartest multimodal human-machine interaction your customers ever experienced.

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The socio-empathic, humanoid service robot with a guaranteed wow experience for your customers.

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SEMMI Hotline

The smart interactive voice response system (IVR) to frictionless scale your customer contact centers.

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Other conversational user interfaces

SEMMI AI is built with an accessible API to operate any voice-controlled device of your choice - be it robots, digital avatars, mobile devices, smart speakers or others.