SEMMI Hotline

Automate your call center operations.
With SEMMI Hotline

Article: Redefine the scalability and cost structure of your contact center operations.

SEMMI Hotline is a smart interactive voice response (IVR) solution to build natural and rich conversational user experiences via phone. SEMMI Hotline helps you to reduce the load on your service agents by answering simple and repetitive questions autonomously. Thus, SEMMI Hotline lets you significantly scale the number of simultaneously received calls within minutes and without further HR expenses, taking your call centerĀ KPIs to a new standard. SEMMI Hotline can be seamlessly integrated into the contact center solution of your choice or be fully managed and operated in the powerful contact center of DB Systel.

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Increasing the power of self-service will simultaneously
make the engagement process more convenient and more

Brian Cantor
Principal Analyst, CCW Digital

Improve your call center KPIs.

Reduce your average response time.

Seconds become minutes and your customers need to listen to your ringing tone instead of talking to an agent. Thanks to SEMMI Hotline, the majority of your customers' inquiries can be answered autonomously and within a few seconds.

Increase your service quality.

While SEMMI Hotline answers the typical, recurring questions, your service agents can spend more time on the more challenging requests of your customers.

Increase your availability.

Receive more calls simultaneously with SEMMI Hotline. It's a matter of scaling technology how many concurrent calls your contact center can handle with SEMMI Hotline.

The multiple application areas of AI in contact center solutions.

SEMMI Hotline assists callers in a various range of use cases. Get inspired by how smart interactive voice response (IVR) solutions help you to solve your customer requests.

Traffic hubs

Leverage the proven self-service solutions in the call center operations of your rail, airport or other public transport services.

traffic_hubs traffic_hubs

Event services

Extend the information sources for visitors of your events with self-service call center solutions to enhance the visitor experience before, during and after the event.

event_services event_services

Culture & tourism

Provide your guests and visitors of your hotel a 24/7 phone service without having your staff work in shifts.

hotel_and_tourism hotel_and_tourism

Service industries

Be it insurances, telecommunication or financial services: Answer the questions of your customers about services, tariffs and others autonomously via phone.

services services

Public authorities

Answer the typical and recurring questions about your opening hours, registration processes, permit applications and others fully autonomously.

public_authorities public_authorities