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Article: Complement your customer service with the socio-empathic, humanoid service robot.

SEMMI Robot is an advanced human-like social robot built in a robust, safe and stylish housing. With a special emphasis on an authentic and empathic user interaction, SEMMI Robot answers the questions of your customers in their native language. SEMMI Robot is operated by SEMMI AI and is based on the technology of Swedish robotics company Furhat Robotics. Based on several development and trial phases with partners like Fraport, East Japan Railway and Furhat Robotics, DB Systel realises a new type of human-machine interaction with SEMMI Robot.

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SEMMI is the living proof of the potential of artificial intelligence for our customer service.

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke
DB Board Member for Digitization and Technology

Human-Machine Interaction via ...


SEMMI Robot welcomes users by voice as soon as they approach and prompts a first question to kindly provide help - simply like a human service agent would do. As the operator of SEMMI Avatar it is up to you to decide whether SEMMI obtains a male or female voice. It’s also a matter of configuration and conversation design to consider cultural aspects and even add emotional gestures to the interaction.

Facial expressions

In order to give the communication more authenticity, SEMMI Robot is equipped with an illuminated swappable mask to express different emotional states. This valuable feature helps to facilitate conversations in more natural means and with human-like emotions. With SEMMI Robot it becomes a matter of configuration to smile, blink, raise brows or even to gaze away. A great way to emphasize positive or negative information non-verbally, too.

Key visuals

SEMMI Robot consists of a touch screen to accompany the conversation with relevant visuals. Besides supporting answers with graphics such as site plans to ease navigation, the screen might also be used to give users a permanent feedback of how SEMMI understands the user's request.

Approved robotics and AI technology.

SEMMI Robot already gained a lot of experience from several user tests. In 2018 and 2019, DB Systel and Fraport tested SEMMI Robot in joint projects to inform passengers about flight schedules and on-site services at Frankfurt Airport. After a further joint test with East Japan Railway Company at Tokyo Station, SEMMI Robot also informed passengers at Berlin Central Station on rail schedules and services of Deutsche Bahn. The mostly positive results have since been used to further improve the capabilities of SEMMI.

The multiple application areas of humanoid service robots.

Get inspired by a wide range of use cases to leverage conversational AI and engage your customers with SEMMI Robot.

Traffic hubs

A proven contactless information medium for traffic hubs like airports, bus and rail stations.

transport transport

Event services

Information, navigation and innovation showcase for trade fairs, congresses and other big events.

event_services event_services

Culture & tourism

A knowledgeable concierge for guests at hotels, museums, libraries, visitor centers and cruise liners.

hotel_and_tourism hotel_and_tourism

Shopping malls

A digital navigation and information guide for visitors of shopping malls, large furniture stores and other retail facilities.

retail retail

Public authorities

Information and navigation medium for public authorities and service facilities.

public_authorities public_authorities