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Article: Create impressive digital user experiences for your customers.

SEMMI Avatar is an advanced, lively and user-friendly human-machine interface which complements your customer service. Operating on the SEMMI Conversational AI, SEMMI Avatar leverages display hardware to deliver a novel, multimodal experience for users. With only a minimum of requirements, SEMMI Avatar can be used on existing or new hardware, outdoor or indoor, with or without touchscreen and completely responsive on any screen size and format. SEMMI Avatar enables you to create brand-compliant, AI-based service touchpoints within your customer-facing environment. And most important: SEMMI Avatar is future-proof. Just think of the variety of processes where avatars could guide and initiate transactions...

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Get your agents involved when it comes to the point.

Your customers expect better service than any AI can provide? We are aware of everyday situations where we prefer direct contact to humans and appreciate the competence of our service staff. Therefore, SEMMI Avatar allows users to establish a video call to a service agent during the conversation. Hence, even the most challenging requests can be solved directly in the first customer interaction, promising to be a great solution for unmanned sites: where humans and machines efficiently complement each other.

Human-Machine Interaction via...


SEMMI Avatar welcomes users by voice as soon as they approach and prompts a first question to kindly provide help - simply like a human service agent would do. As the operator of SEMMI Avatar it is up to you to decide whether SEMMI obtains a male or female voice. It’s also a matter of configuration and conversation design to consider cultural aspects and even add emotional gestures to the interaction.

Body language

SEMMI Avatar is able to use its full animated body to communicate with users via facial expressions and gestures. This makes conversations even more vivid and invites users to interact with SEMMI Avatar. Besides adding to the overall user experience, virtual avatars like SEMMI Avatar might one day even be trained to communicate via sign language to serve those of us whoe are limited in their communication abilities.

Key visuals

Since SEMMI Avatar is used on display devices, its great usability derives from combining the benefits of visual information with the convenience of using natural language. This leads to a totally new and multimodal approach of human-machine interaction. SEMMI Avatar offers a variety of possibilities to answer and engage users by voice in combination with visuals such as text, images, graphics or animations.

Multiple application areas of digital avatars.

Get inspired by a wide range of use cases to leverage conversational AI and engage your customers with SEMMI Avatar.

Traffic hubs

A proven contactless information medium for traffic hubs like airports, bus and rail stations.

transport transport

Event services

Information, navigation and innovation showcase for trade fairs, congresses and other big events.

event_services event_services

Culture & tourism

A knowledgeable concierge for guests at hotels, museums, libraries, visitor centers and cruise liners.

hotel_and_tourism hotel_and_tourism

Shopping malls

A digital navigation and information guide for visitors of shopping malls, large furniture stores and other retail facilities.

retail retail

Public authorities

Information and navigation medium for public authorities and service facilities.

public_authorities public_authorities